UFO weekly class starting Wed March 13th @ 1pm

OK, you know you have a few UFOs in your knitting closet. Now's the time, search them out, bring them into Grey Heron and join the UFO class. That's the "Un-Finished Objects" class.

Our sock UFO class starts next Tuesday March 12th @ 10am to 12pm @ $10.00. 

Heather will be helping you reconnect with your sock, get you restarted, back on track and soon you'll be ready to wear your wonderful hand knit socks.

Don't be shy - we all have them hiding in our closets, bins and boxes.

Wednesday March 13th Donna will be here to help you tackle your ?? UFO. 1pm to 3pm @$10.00

Maybe it's a sweater you started sometime ago. Now you forget where you left off, can't remember why you wanted to even make this pattern - what ever your reason, there's no time like the present to get the project done.

No judging happens at this table - as we've ALL been there before.

Consider it your "Knitting Spring Cleanse"


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