Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Duct Tape Divas class...

Now, this is a fun class. You and three friends can make this little beauty....

It's a "You" mannequin 

We are offering a class in Diva Mannequin making complete with a stand how to. When you are not using this for sweater measuring, or sewing needs, "You" can stand in the corner as a scarf holder, necklace stand and of course a clothing hanger.

Here's the class dates;

Thursday August 23rd @ 11:00am to 2:00pm
Wednesday September 12th @ 9:00am to 12:00pm
Wednesday September 19th @ 9:00am to 12:00pm
$45.00 for the class (supplies are included for the mannequin), you bring an old tee shirt

Call today to register 705-444-0370

Grey Heron Wool Shop 66 Pine St. Collingwood, ON

Monday, July 30, 2012

KnitFest Fall 2012 just around the corner

It's that time again and I can't believe it... I've been working in the plans for KnitFest Fall 2012. I heard from some of the knitters that they would like topics such as Steeking your Knitting, Continental knitting and How do you get the Perfect Fit class. I heard you!!
Once again, our very talented teachers - Kate Atherley and Glenna C will be back to share with us their knitting expertise. Just like last time, you get your choice of one morning class and one afternoon class.
Here's a snip it...
Steeking you say... I've heard of steeping your tea but this other thing "steeking" I've never heard of... Here's Glenna's chat about her class....
Steeks Don’t Scare Me!
Do you want to take your colour-work knitting to the next level? Come learn all about steeks, when we cut up our knitting on purpose! We’ll practice different methods of reinforcement and learn about the do’s and don’ts of this fabulous technique.
 Twisted Sts and Travelling Cables 
 Are you curious about making your own beautiful garments with intricate twisted stitches and travelling cables? These Bavarian-inspired patterns are very attractive, and not nearly as intimidating as you think! In this class we’ll learn all about twisted stitches (ktbl) are and how they can be used differently from regular knit stitches. We’ll learn how to use twisted stitches in cables and twists to make sts travel in beautiful patterns, and how to work these twisted cables with AND without a cable needle!

Here's Kate's chat about her classes....

The Perfect Fit: Size, Fit & Altering Patterns
This class will teach you the skills you need to ensure your knitted garments are flattering and well-fitting. We will show you how to decide on size options - and set you well along the way to a successful and flattering sweater project. We will explain how to read sizing tables and schematics. We'll show you how to measure yourself. And most importantly, we'll explain garment fit, including demystifying terms like "negative ease". Come on in to explore how to adapt and alter existing patterns, to obtain the best fit for your shape. We'll discuss what to do to find a pattern for that perfect yarn and how to go about adapting that commercial pattern you love that does not have quite the right size for you.

As for Continental: this class is a hoot! Skip your yoga class and come and stretch and exercise a little with me. It's pretty low impact (just your hands), but like yoga, it can be pretty life-changing. Expand your knitting repertoire a little, add some speed, pick up the skills you need to be a happy Fair Isle knitter. Learn to love seed stitch! And for knitters who are experiencing wrist pain or arthritis, learning to knit continental style helps you manage the strain and keep both your wrists limber and relaxed, without undue stress on them.

 You can see it's a full day with tons of knitting skill take-aways...
With our newly expanded shop we can host both classes at the same time. Yippie!!

Registration starts on August 1st. The full day with lunch, snacks and prizes = $87.00 +HST

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Expanded wool shop

sample book shelf
Here's a few pics of our newly expanded wool shop.
Please drop in and check out our new space. 

looking left
looking right                                                                                                

Monday, July 23, 2012

Synergy arrives...

As business evolves so does our space. The wool shop was creeping out into the main shop space, so now it's taken over and we couldn't be more pleased.
With the help of Donna, Karen, Jim and myself we "Traded places" - the wool shop is now in the main shop and the clothing is in the "Room".
It took some maneuvering I'll tell you. The in-sync shuffle took hours but the end result is wonderful. We now have a room for our knitting afternoons, cafe afternoons, Wednesday "911 knitting help" afternoons and a separate functional classroom. Our class list will expand for Fall as we will be able to host and teach at the same time.
We will be receiving our Cascade yarn order shortly. With over a 100 colours combined in Cascade 220, 220 superwash and heather shades - it will be a full wall of colour...
The room has taken on a synergy of it's own.. :) pics tomorrow

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The big one got away....

Imagine sitting reading your lottery numbers - first number, got it, second one, got it, third one, got it too... holy jumping... even the forth one was there... net result - faith re-instilled gain $127.00.... yes, the decimal is in the right place... guess this means dinner at the Dam Pub, not so bad...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Yarn SALE

It's a one day only SALE - Saturday July 14th from 10.00am to 4.00pm

Clearance on end of lines, discontinued colours and yarns.

Several pattern books on clearance

No holds - No layaways - No returns

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rockefeller here I come...

It's a magical mystery KAL = knit along... with Stephen West...
I've picked my colours - light and dark... matches my favorite colour = black... Check it out for yourself.. You have until the 13th before it closes and starts...

After midnight
Coal & Ash                                                         
The Fibre Garden - Socky Talky yarn - oh so nice, hand picked for this mystery shawl KAL.. having never been a participant in this type of event, I am going to have fun...
We carry FG yarns and fibres in our shop. Bamboogie, Paca Toes, Corriedale fibre packs and Socky Talky.. wonderful array of colours too...

Rock Star monkey

Rock star monkey
Last week it was the novelty hats - sock monkey ear flaps, top down, bottom up, intarsia, braids, pom poms - the works... now it's the toys.. Thursday July 12th is the start of our two part class on toys. Here's the Rod S of the monkey toy
Rock Star Stewart - similiar do??
Pattern included - or Patons Monkey Business books available... get your gift giving knitting projects started...

Weekend gardening

This past weekend we had rain... oh so glad for that... the grass is crispy and burnt so the rain was just in time... We've been trying to paint our privacy fence for a couple of weeks now but when the timing was right weather wise we were busy... Here's a few shots

Morley with the new "road kill squirrel" toy
looking to the back of the yard- giant Butternut tree on left

Outdoor art... where's the art you ask... look closer

BeeBalm garden - patio tomatoes

Our back garden is really lovely. The sunshine peeks thru and glimmers off the gardens... The bird traffic is marvelous to watch- something keeps stealing the yellow flowers from the hummingbird feeder... We can't figure out if it is a squirrel or bird- in any case what ever it is they drink the syrup... yuck!!  and drop the plastic flowers on the ground..
hope they don't like tomatoes...
more shots when the fence is painted...

So beautiful.....

Karen P comes to our Drop in Knit Cafe on Thursdays. She has been working on the Ilga Leja vest called Among the Birches. It has turned out fabulous!! Now for the buttons... With all the purple, turquoise and lime running throughout who could make a decision. One thing for sure, the buttonhole pattern suggestions were going to change.
How about a crocheted button hole loop positioned closely to the edging, not too noticeable- bingo!! that'll do it...
Among the Birches - look at that smile

Now which would you choose? you're right ALL THREE 

The completely finished vest will probably be in this week. With the change to the button hole design -  the sides will not fold over very much. The loops will capture the buttons, the sides will meet up and the knitter will be a happy girl... gorgeous work Karen