Saturday, June 30, 2012

Novelty Hat class Thursday July 5th

A good sense of humour goes along ways. Laughter de-stresses you, works your facial muscles, improves your state of mind.. now here's a sample of our novelty hats...

New Kids on the Block 

Here's our cast of characters - make one in lime green add bobble eyes- It's Kermit!! make one in pink with little pointy ears - It's a darling Pussy Cat... get your imagination going...

Our one day class is offered for $15.00 on Thursday July 5th from 10:30am to 11:30 am

Friday, June 29, 2012

Canada Day weekend hours

Grey Heron will be closed on July 1st and 2nd. We will open again on Tuesday @ 10am...

Happy Canada Day!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Knit Red has also arrived

So many colours fo red... strawberry, cherry, fire engine, brick, blue red, tomato, scarlet, sangria, merlot- we can go on for some time describing a very powerful colour.
The Knit Red book was a the brain child of Laura Zander and friends. You can read all about it at the following link.
The gist of the book is to put into print a book that targets 98% of needle arts customers to become informed/aware of heart health.
Over 30 designers have contributated to designs within the book - Tanis Gray, Ysolda Teague, Jared Flood, Debbie Bliss and our very own Canadian designer Maie Landra of Koigu Wool Designs fame.

The book also features recipes and information about heart health. Each designer talks about this issue as a close to heart health issue to a friend or family member issue. But undoubtly each one has been touched by heart health.

This book makes for a terrific addition to your knitting library. Come in and check for yourself.

New books have arrived

Knit Wear has just launched their new magazine issue filled with interesting technie info and great patterns. I have picked out a couple of segments to focus on.

You must check out page 62 featuring Glenna Harris and "On Design" dealing with color choices. Why we choose what we do, how we see colors, helpful choosing techniques and more. Glenna was a teacher at our KnitFest workshop back in March. The knitters loved her class on colourwork.

A few other projects feature lacework, linen stitch, chevron stitch, bias, ruched, corrugated and ripple. The rest you will have to discover when you buy your copy.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Holiday hours for next week

My summer holiday is just around the corner and I can't wait. Here's the hours over next week.

Fri. June 15 - closing @ 4:00pm

Sat 16, Sun 17, Mon 18, Tues 19 = CLOSED

Wed 20, Thurs 21, Fri 22 = OPEN - Knit Class and Knit Cafe both open - Brenda & Heather both in

Sat 23, Sun 24 = CLOSED

Monday June 25th- OPEN again...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Putting yarn winder to good use...

I'm getting my yarn winder ready to wind my Philosophers blues and yellows. I finally know what to knit - Sally Melville's - Einstein coat...

I'll choose the Fibonacci number series of choosing random colours but in a recurrance of colour choice that's complementary. Sounds so scientific - it's not... there's method to my madness - all will become clear as I start to knit...
Here's my great winder - it's so charming as it silently spins while I wind...

 Construction of days gone by - and still perfect for the job...

Oh what a time we had @Koigu & Philosophers

Tucked away in rural Ontario are two of the finest wool suppliers/dyers/pattern writers/book publishers/teachers - to be found.... right in our backyard... 

Our Grey Heron knitters "Yarn Crawl" was the second part to our WWKIP week.

Early Saturday the bus picked us up to head to Koigu. We're all excited, laughing and carrying on and didn't notice that we were not on directional track for Koigu... We were touring the Bruce county countryside much to our dismay... After resetting our course we managed to drive along a "not in use" gravel barely wide for the bus country road... OMG!!! under statement... As the tree branches scraped along the sides the tires were rolling over fallen trees  we emerged to a clearing- one quick call and we were rumbling along the sideroad to the Koigu driveway.
Two super excited dogs along with Maie, Taiu and Kersti were there to greet us.  Knitters from Port Elgin and Southampton were also there to meet up with us. Some of the group headed on a quick tour while others marvelled at the yarns. Situated in the samples room you could find most of us- drooling over the knitwear.
The girls hauled out their lists of queued projects to get an idea of quantity of yarn needed to purchase. Reds, purples, blues, mixed... If you notice a sudden spike in the local financial economics - you know what it's from!!! soon, you will see finished project pics - when ready...
Onto to Port Elgin and lunch with our local knitting group. If you are lunching in the Port, do stop @ Allan's Fireside Grill on  Green St - great food- great service - fab patio -
Off we head to PW - not far I say...spoke too soon... After a bit of round and round another quick call to Eugene and we're back on track... We pull up to their lovely property surrounded by a garden of lupins, peonies, clematis - all in bloom... gorgeous!! Some head out for a tour of the farm, some inside for a demo with Ann and some straight into the skylite wool room for more inspiration... books, skeins, sheep out in the pasture, sunshine, knitwear- we had it all...
A group head out to the kit studio for a browse around the colours and for sure you know bags of kits follow them back to the main studio.
All n all, even considering the unscheduled tours of the highways and sideroads of BruceGrey county, just to have a fun day with your friends - can't beat it!!!

on the bus- there's Carol, Margaret, Audrey
Ruth, and Brenda ( )


Koigu samples... fabulous!!
Check out the colours- Jasmine turns her back - she's shy...

Philosophers room of inspiration...

Next year - KIP day - on the road again... to ???

Friday, June 8, 2012

CLOSED on Sat. June 9th

Please note that we are CLOSED on Saturday June 9th. We are Yarn Crawling to Koigu Wool Designs and Philosophers Wool.
Catch up with you on Monday June 11th. Karen

Thursday, June 7, 2012

KIP = great day

Oh what fun we had. It was a chilly wind coming off Georgian Bay yesterday but with the sun shining and an eager group our Knit In Public day started around noon. Pat showed up followed by Arlene and Elaine. We arranged ourselves on the front  porch - the drive bys were wondering what on earth was going on...
A knitter ready to rekindle her inner knitter parked to ask about classes. She had just finished her shopping @ Loblaw, saw us outside, grabbed our class info and she'll be back next week.
Pat is working on a honeycomb pillow cover, Elaine started her first pair of Thrum mitts, Arlene is nearing the end of her hubby's cable golfing vest, Audrey was starting to tink back 6" on the back of her sweater, Diane is finished the baby sweater front for her soon to be grandchild, Ruth had started a cotton cloth for her friend, Karen P and Brenda were knitting away on their current projects, Pat P, Carol, Heather, Margaret and myself were enjoying the day.
Good coffee - yummy treats - laughs - learning = a great day @ Grey Heron

2 more sleeps...

So, the weather will be on our side this Saturday when we Yarn Crawl our way to Koigu Wool Designs and Philosophers Wool
Right in our own backyard, these two fabulous companies live. From the gorgeous handpainted yarns to the extremely beautiful colourwork designs - we have it all.
Driving around GreyBruce showcases our farming country mixed with our lake front communities along Lake Huron.
By the time we retail therapy @ Koigu, we will be ready for lunch in downtown Port Elgin. With a short rest and chat with local knitters we will head to Philosophers for our very own hands on demo with Ann. I simply can't wait. 
There's something to be said for a day in the country with good friends, fab wools, tons of laughter and knowing that we have inproved the Canadian economics in a BIG way!! stay tuned for the pics next week... until then, have a great day...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's Our Knit in Public Day...

Join us for Knit in Public Day on Wednesday June 6, 2012 @ Grey Heron wool shop. 66 Pine Street, Collingwood    1:00pm to 4:00pm

Bring your brown bag and join us for lunch around noon - then stay for a fun afternoon 

Have fun with us!! Bring your knitting, crocheting or your spinning wheel... and a friend... a lawn chair

We're on the porch, front lawn and walkway... Snacks and drinks will be available...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Art Tour weekend - Duncan MacDonald on site

This weekend seems to be jinxed with rain but it doesn't stop the art tour. Duncan has fabulous work. have a look at his web page. His hand carved original Celtic designs are cast in cement fondu.
 for more art tour info check their website