Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Knit Red - Stitch Red on order

Maybe you have heard about this new book- chatter on facebook and other blogs have talked up this new book release.  Proceeds from the book sales will help educate women about heart health.
Here's a brief description;
 Knit Red, an instant classic and must have coffee table knitting treasure for every knitter. This book contains 30 fabulously red garments and accessories designed and donated by celebrity designers who openly share their personal experiences with Heart Disease and tips on how they stay heart healthy! You will find designs by: Debbie Bliss, Nicky Epstein, Jared Flood, Kieran Foley, Norah Gaughan, Jeanne Giles, Tanis Gray, Cornelia Tuttle-Hamilton, Kim Hargreaves, Sarah Hatton, Kristen Ashbaugh-Helmreich, Kit Hutchin, Lindsey Jacobellis, Daniela Johannsenova, Andrea Jurgrau, Barry Klein, Maie Landra, Cecily Glowik MacDonald, Deborah Newton, Ann Norling, Deborah Norville, Melissa Morgan Oakes, Michele Rose Orne, Iris Schreier, Diane Soucy, Debbie Stoller, Martin Storey, Amy Swenson, Ysolda Teague and Barbara Venishnick. as written by JBW.

 I guess I'd better get more red yarn in stock... LOL

Knit Scene Accessories magazine arriving

The summer accessories magazine is arriving this week. It is filled with wonderful projects.
Tams, Berets, Slouchy hats, socks, sweaters - great looks
The Check Slouch in black and white looks like it might be my first project.
Have a look for your self..

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Clothing BLOW OUT SALE..

It's expand the wool shop time--- SO, we are clearing out our clothing... SALE racks 19.99 and 29.99 and 49.99... Spring and off season clearance...
Check it out..

July Class info

You will be working on creating your very own technical manual with each Wednesday afternoon mini swatch class during July and August only

Wednesday July 4thButtonholes - attention to the details $10.00 –
Create your very own swatch featuring several types of buttonholes. This permanent swatch will become the perfect size tester for buttons.
Class time 1:00 pm for about 45mins – then the Drop in class continues

Thursday July 5th – Novelty Hats – 1 class $20.00
This month featuring the Sock Monkey hat. Create a fun ear flap hat either Top Down or Flaps Up
Class 10:30am to 11:30am for 1 hour $20.00 – pattern included – must purchase yarn @ Grey Heron

Thursday July 5th -   Afternoon Drop in Café – FREE
Join us from 1:00pm to 4:00pm for an afternoon of fun, laughs and time to spend with other likeminded individuals… FREE

Saturday July 7th and July 14th – Top Down Lace Shrug – 2 Part class $35.00 **
Try your hand at a top down knitted Shrug. We have designed a lovely pattern for you to knit with several options for you to make. Add a touch of lace, a few beads, make it longer, shorter or???.. have fun designing
Class Part 1 - Sat July 7th – 11:00am to 12:00pm
Class Part 2 – Sat July 14th – 11:00am to 12:00pm
Yarn must be purchased @ Grey Heron

** We are repeating this class again on Sat July 21st and July 28th as above…

Wednesday July 11th – Increase and Decrease swatch – the ups and downs of     $10.00
Create your swatch of examples for future reference. With numerous increase and decreases to choose from, sometimes having a knitted example allows you a visual look you would like to see in your project.
Class time 1:00 pm for about 45mins – then the Drop in class continues

Thursday July 12th – Animals – Sock Monkeys + accessories -  2 Part class $35.00
Everyone loves the old fashioned Sock Monkey- big red lips, dangling legs and long tail… Here’s your chance to make your very own or for a special someone.
We supply the pattern, the design tips n tricks and you have fun…
Class Part 1 – Thurs July 12th – 10:30am to 11:30am
Class Part 2 – Thursday July 19th – 10:30am to 11:30am
Yarn must be purchased @ Grey Heron

Thursday July 12th -   Afternoon Drop in Café – FREE
Join us from 1:00pm to 4:00pm for an afternoon of fun, laughs and time to spend with other likeminded individuals… FREE

Wednesday July 18th – Fun with Mitres -   $10.00
Create several versions of mitres and get set to make hat, scarves, sweaters etc… Grey Heron has designed a small double sided mitre ready for lavender stuffing. Slip this sachet into your woollen drawer and keep those moths away.  
Make your mitre and continue on with the Drop in Class… starts @ 1:00pm

Thursday July 19th- Part 2 of Sock Monkey Class – 10:30am to 11:30am

Thursday July 19th -   Afternoon Drop in Café – FREE
Join us from 1:00pm to 4:00pm for an afternoon of fun, laughs and time to spend with other likeminded individuals… FREE

Saturday July 21th and Jul 28th – Top Down Lace Shrug – 2 Part class $35.00
Try your hand at a top down knitted Shrug. We have designed a lovely pattern for you to knit with several options for you to make. Add a touch of lace, a few beads, make it longer, shorter or???.. have fun designing
Class Part 1 - Sat July 21th – 11:00am to 12:00pm
Class Part 2 – Sat July 28th – 11:00am to 12:00pm
Yarn must be purchased @ Grey Heron

Wednesday July 25th – “Bead” it baby - $10.00
Try your hand at beading – stringing them along – load them up – hook them in – You just never know when you’d like to add a “touch of bling” to a scarf gift… Make your swatch and then continue with the Drop in Class – starts @ 1:00pm

Thursday July 26th – Beaded Lace Scarf - $35.00  1 @  2 hour class
It’s beading time. We supply the patterns and a package of bead and let your creativity flow. Learn how to combine beads in a pattern or random with flair.  
Class starts 10:00am to 12:00pm

Thursday July 26th -   Afternoon Drop in Café – FREE
Join us from 1:00pm to 4:00pm for an afternoon of fun, laughs and time to spend with other likeminded individuals… FREE

Friday July 27th – Beaded Lace Scarf - $35.00  1 @  2 hour class
It’s beading time. We supply the patterns and a package of bead and let your creativity flow. Learn how to combine beads n a pattern or random with flair.  
Class starts 10:00am to 12:00pm

Saturday July 28 – Top down Lace Shrug -  Part 2 class 

It's going to be a fun summer @ Grey Heron


June Class Info

Ok, here we go... Since June is almost here mark your calendars and get ready to have fun!!

Wednesday June 6th – Knit in Public day 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Join us for the afternoon on the porch @ 66 Pine for Worldwide Knit in Public Week.. Bring your knitting, crocheting, your wheel or your loom -  Free draws – Yarn specials – Bring your lawn chair –
a friend - a litle yarn bombing - lots of laughs - great coffee - yummy treats
Heavenly Sweets Café has planned a lovely lunch for anyone who wishes to dine there before our afternoon gets going. Heli is offering a free organic Kicking Horse coffee with the purchase of her lunch.

Thursday June 7th – Baby Surprise Jacket class – 3 part class $45.00

This 3 part class will provide you with all the help you need to complete this fabulous pattern made famous by Elizabeth Zimmermann. We start with an in depth review of the pattern and options for a hood, i-cord trim, size and yarn choices.
$45.00 for the set of 3 classes – pattern and materials are extra – must be purchased @ Grey Heron
Class starts on Thursday June 7th, continues on 14th and finishes on the 28th -  10:30am to 11:30am
Bet you can't make just one!!
Friday June 8th – Beginner Shrug class – 1 class $25.00

Get the summer knitting started with a wonderful little shrug. We provide you with the pattern, options and additions to add lace, ruffles etc…yarn must be purchased @ Grey Heron
Class - Friday June 8th @ 10:00am to 12:00pm    OR alternate date
Class - Friday June 15th @ 10:00am to 12:00pm

Saturday June 9th – Yarn Crawling – day trip - $32.00 + $10.00
We have booked a bus heading for Koigu yarns and Philosophers Wool
with a little side lunch in Port Elgin with a local knitting group. We have been invited to watch a Fair Isle hands on demo @ Philosophers with the owner Ann.
It should be a fabulous day. We have a couple of spaces left.

Call to today to book your space. $32.00 for the bus trip - $10.00 for the demo

Every Wednesday - Drop in Class $10.00
Drop in class afternoons will run all summer too.
Join us from 1:00pm to 3:00pm every Wednesday for project help, problem solving, yarn choosing, pattern suggestions, good coffee and tons of laughs!!
Drop in class fee $10.00

Every Thursday  -   Afternoon Drop in Café –FREE
Join us from 1:00pm to 4:00pm for an afternoon of fun, laughs and time to spend with other likeminded individuals… FREE

That's June - Please note Grey Heron is taking a holiday in June- After 7 years without a holiday break, Karen took a holiday last summer and my goodness she's got the bug again this year... 
Grey Heron will be closed from Saturday June 16 until Sunday June 24th. GH will reopen on Monday June 25th... she's a yarn crawling again with a side of winery tours - cheese tastings - relaxing in Prince Edward County


Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun day

Today started with a drive over to the Rogers TV station here in Collingwood for an interview on the Georgian Life show. The show producer discovered Grey Heron's Knit in Public day and thought it was a great idea to chat about. What a great segment.. fun, exciting, informative and apparently clothing is optional because if we are fast knitters we should have something whipped up in no time flat...LOL
Back to the shop for a late opening- Donna had arrived with her latest lovely Coral Lacey Shrug... It's a stunner!!... The pattern will be available as fast as I can get the picture and pattern together on paper... I'm dragging my feet today - didn't get much sleep last night... the coffee's a brewing, thank God for that...
Jane Austen knits 2012 issue just arrived in the mail today. OMG full of wonderful patterns. I have already picked out Margaret Dashwood's shawl... now for the yarn choice and/or colour choice... I'll take my time deciding..
shawls, fingerless, lacey bits n bobs..     

My Lorna's Laces order is just about ready - Sheppard worsted superwash in multi colours and solids..
Also my King Cole Riot order is ready... lovely multi coloured chunky and DK yarn wool blend... great for hats, mitts, scarves, vests, sweaters... a multitude of things...
I'd best get my coffee before I crash land asleep on my computer. Have a safe and fun weekend... check in next week for a list of the summer classes and special projects.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend driving = 3 Herons + 2 White Egrets

We love picnicing and driving on our weekend outings. Off to Southampton on Lake Huron we went on Sunday... what a day for a drive... the weather was fab and the picnic lunch spot was wonderful as usual... It's tucked away on the shores, near the harbour... hedge rows around, tables,  shade and of course Jim's great picnic lunch... two veggie salads, a little fresh gluten free bread, cheese (sharp old cheddar:)), two cans of ginger ale, a little Sleeman's for added nutrition... and a wonderful cake slice from the European bakery in Owen Sound... oh, and the healthy bean chips with dip... all that in our trusty picnic basket... We drove around marvelling at the beautiful old homes - I imagining we owned one.. and at days end back home... and along the way the herons and egrets were hanging in the small roadside ponds enjoying the fishing... 
Have a look at our hard work sprouting... 
Onions rising

Asparagus leftover

Strawberry patch
Soon to be potato salad
The bird activity at our feeders was just amazing... cardinals, blue jays, downy woodpeckers, ladderback woodpeckers, chicadees, gold finches, cow birds, hummingbirds, orioles, yellow bellied sap sucker, nuthatch, sparrows, doves,

The red squirrels, black squirrels, Alvin(s) the chipmunk, Jolsen(s) the black chipmonk, grey squirrel,  Canada Geese by the flock flew overhead to the shores of the bay...
We relaxed and enjoyed our back yard...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too... I even managed to make a few washcloths, start a new lace scarf and review my yarn stash...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wed and Thurs group

Duet by Mary Ellen Hanne Falkenburg
active knitting happening
Camera's leave you at their mercy when the battery charger goes missing... it will turn up but when it's ready... in the mean time I have borrowed my husband's camera for a few shots of group. It's been a busy week. Planning summer classes, planning for our Yarn Crawl to Koigu & Philosophers Wool. Of our Knit in Public day is planned for Wed June 6th. It should be a fab day - bring your lawn chair, knitting, crocheting, spinning etc... a friend and join us on our front porch. Free draws- Shop specials 
Sirdar summer stripes sleeves     
Sorting mags for Spring projects

Margaret's Ladybird swtr 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Knit in Public Day

Join us for Knit in Public Day on Wednesday June 6, 2012 @ Grey Heron wool shop. 66 Pine Street, Collingwood    1:00pm to 4:00pm

Have fun with us!! Bring your knitting, crocheting or your spinning wheel... and a friend... a lawn chair

We're on the porch, front lawn and walkway... Snacks and drinks will be available...

Heavenly Sweets Cafe will be preparing a wonderful lunch menu if you wish to buy your lunch there- you receive a free cup of Kicking Horse coffee...

Free draw.... Shop specials...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Racey lacey

Heather's Herringbone scarf by Kate
Well, today was an absolute riot!!... Heather brought in premade bags of starter mix for her Mennonite cake/bread... well as soon as the girls found they were to "squeeze the bag" for ten days, adding ingredients at different intervals - one can only imagine where our minds went- straight to the gutter of course!!
The jokes were flying - laughter was in the air and knitting was going along just fine.. we went from the Queen Mum, to the Queen and Philip and on from there... Then we chatted about the fact that since you could down load books to a kindle - soft porn books were selling like crazy... had to be the extra large moon this week causing our wild and crazy stories... what ever it was-  we laughed like pixies... good for the soul..
Just to prove we were actually knitting - here's the pics

Karen's Miss Lambert sampler
Shy Ruth and her Starter bag   

Karen P was working on her Herringbone scarf. Margaret was rethinking her Miss Lambert's lace. Dallas was moving right along on her Miss L... Julia popped in for jokes, Beverley dropped in for a chat and yarn, Ruth stopped in after the gym... great afternoon!!! 

Lorna's Laces on the way

I'm so excited - my colour cards of Lorna's is now on the way... and a few bits like Jeans, Chocolate, and Charcoal in Fisherman - worsted weight 500yds.. oh ya...
Check out the colours for your self and let me know what you want... in any weight of yarn...
Since they dye to order- you can have your own colour choice...

Frill Seeker scarf yarn... on the way

It's on the way so get ready for fabulous summer colours to match your favorite outfit. The original Frill Seeker scarf yarn hit the market a while back with such a huge force and it has kept on going.
A new kid on the block called Frill Seeker Precious Metal has now arrived. With just the same impact as the original yarn but with a touch of bling!! These will retail for $14.99. Working with 10 sts will give you a wonderful scarf but by using 6 - 7 sts you can squeeze out two scarves... why not... Here's the sneek peek...

So, there they are... the bottom four colours have the precious metal trim and the top four are the original Frill Seeker version. 

It will be here early next week...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lacework Wednesday

Well, the Miss Lambert's Lace Sampler was a hit... Carol went sailing along and knit a cute cotton summer scarf using the German lace pattern. The rest of her Baby Bamboo yarn has yet to arrive. She worked away on her second slip stitch sock.
Dallas dropped in to visit with us today. She has returned from her west coast adventures just in time to become a Gramma again. She was knitting at a shop in Sydney BC and started with her first toe up sock. Today she joined in with the lace sampler using a lovely soft grey silkmerino.
Pat dropped in too. She is still working on her lace mohair jacket with beads. It is so fine to see so as she said it may never get finished. She had a little Noro project with her to work away on. Oh and a beautiful lace scarf in soft peach.
Arlene's lace sampler is coming along nicely. She's knitting with Dawn a silk fine weight yarn in soft pink. It's a learning tool so it won't survive as a scarf in the end.
Ruth's lace is back in motion again. It took a wee nose dive but it's coming along. Her Noro garter mittens sure look great.
Audrey finished her husband's vest today. It looks fabulous!! Well done... She started her Sally Melville sweater too in a tangerine Soft Twist by Berroco. It will look so nice...
Shy Ruth- lovely Noro mitts
Margaret came last Thursday with her lacework moving right along. She thought perhap she would just continue with the German lace pattern and make a scarf. She decided to venture on with the Scotch pattern. Well, one would really need a wee dram to get past the mistake in the pattern. Yup, mistake... it happens but  frustrating as all get out. Just when you thought I've used all my stitches darn if you don't have one left over... She's not giving up... I expect her in Thursday so we'll see what the out come is...

Brenda's sampler was neatly blocked out to show off first square.
It's going to look great. 
Brenda's German lace pattern
Here's a few pics...

Audrey's Man Vest- well done!!                                                                                    

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Soaking up vitamin D

Sunday was such a lovely day we enjoyed our coffee at the Thornbury Bakery followed by the Town of Blue Mountains Volunteer awards. Jim received an award this year for all his hard work on behalf of the Chamber. We enjoyed a fish n chip picnic lunch @ the Meaford harbour. The lunch was fab and the sunshine was so needed. When I work inside all week I realized that I had not been outdoors in sometime.
out comes the lawn furniture
Morley was so happy to have us both at home he was racing the yard "helping" out. At the end of the day he was tired. Here's a glimpse of our day.
Fish'n Chip Picnic
water activity
Morley after a hard day

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kate; Glenna; Ilga; Carol;

Now, here's a cast of characters that all yarn shops should know about. Kate and Glenna recently travelled up to Collingwood to teach @ our shop's annual KnitFest Spring 2012. What a blast we had. The knitters who attended are still chatting up a storm about their new skills. We now carry several of their patterns and Kate's book Beyond Knit and Purl - so the next time you drop in, please check them out.
Follow along with them on their blogs -

Ilga is an East Coast designer of gorgeous fashion pieces. These flowing delightful wraps, shawls, vests and more showcase yarns to their fullest. The shop has numerous patterns on hand. Check out her website for her latest patterns. 
Her Five Easy Pieces trunk show was here on display. It has now returned to Ilga.

Carol Feller is a new designer to the shop. She describes herself as; I enjoy designing knitwear that is well-shaped, flattering to wear and enjoyable to knit. I strive to design clothing with a difference: not overly complex, but still giving a very unique end product. I like to work with different construction methods, so long as they enhance the knitting experience and make for a more intuitively put-together knitted item. Her patterns are every bit as she mentions. Check her website for the following patterns. Eilonwy and Captiva - you'll see what I mean. 

My take away on the above designers- a multi talented group who bring so much joy and excitement to many.
Their patterns can of course be found on, ravelry, in numerous magazines and their blogs.
Take the time to get to know them - your knitting will become more enjoyable!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Further to our Lace Sampler

Well, for those who don't know, we started the Miss Lambert's Lace Sampler in class on Wednesday. One pattern each week over the next five weeks- so we can still work on our current projects...

Carol who always has said " Oh no lace!!" is now saying... "Oooh lace!!" the penny dropped, she get's it, it's musical - k2tog, YO, k2tog, YO ... it's like a little ditty... She just didn't stop at one she went the distance and ran out of yarn..LOL...
Here's the show stopper...

Way to go Carol!!.... Margaret as well came in on Thursday with her starting pattern in German lace and kept on going... She just might have a scarf made in the same lace pattern by next week... wonderful

The fear is gone when each pattern is boardered by garter rows- if there's a mix up, take it back to the first garter row and give it another go...

It's need a vest weather... still

Yes, although we have nicer weather if we don't count the major rain/thunderstorm of last night, we still need a cover up of sorts.
Vests - that's my solution. If your back is warm your body temperature seems to work with that.
So, here's a few samples I have in mind.
The ever so popular Ribwarmer vest by - Elizabeth Z - short, cute, snug
Ez's Ribwarmer 

not to be out done by these two gorgeous flowing vests of sorts by Ilga Leja

Lady of the Forest     
Among the Birches

Or perhaps a vest of function - simple button up good ol' hardy one like - Patons

Button up standard 


and last but not least- this cute simple lace ribbed vest by Twilley's

Lacey ribbed vest 

So, what ever vest you like, we have all these patterns @ the shop. Whether you choose Noro Silk Garden, Lamb's Pride bulky, Briggs & Little handpainted, Diamond Superfine Merino - it's your choice

Stay warm and cozy until the hot and sweatie days arrive... see you soon

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thursday Knit group

Here's our Thursday recap-

Ruth's Knit Flat Mitts by Sally Melville
Julia's Garter re-vamp - gorgeous purple heather colour       

Audrey's idea.. cut the cardboard insert label and tuck the needle size into the pockets along with your tips.... 

Heather showed off a fab selection of yarns that followed her home from the UK. Beverley's mastering the art of Entrelac... cowl should be ready soon. Jan's grandson's bootcut overalls are just about finished. From our Wednesday group - Diane's making good progress on her baby sweater. Audrey is almost finished her husband's vest. Arlene has started her husband's vest and another baby blanket. Carol is finishing a WIP from days gone by... should be ready this week... 

Miss Otis... Regrets arrives

A couple of weeks ago, timing was right and a tweet popped up from Kate Atherley asking if anyone would be interested in a "test knit project" I couldn't resist... grey heron's ready - I tweeted... sure enough the pattern and instructions arrived... the wheels set in motion...
Donna happened to be here that day- so you guessed it... Hey Donna, are you up for a test knit project? We both scrambled to choose a yarn just right for the project... Donna arrived the very next day for the Thursday knit cafe with all but 10 rows knit... so by Friday the 10 rows were finished, the kerchief was blocked and gorgeous!!
Have a look - we have this very pattern here in the shop for sale... If you are  in doubt about your next quick fix - this is it...

Shelridge fingering
Apple Laine - Red Delicious