Monday, November 28, 2011

Shop local this season

Small business owners put great thought and planning into the product they bring into their shops. We carefully choose colours, styles, needs and extras that we think will bring joy to your knitting world.
So the season of giving has arrived. Whether it's a gift for you or someone else just know that we've had you in mind.
Support your local yarn shop-

Friday, November 11, 2011

Lest we forget...

It's been nineteen years since my Mom passed away. I think of her often especially when I'm knitting with her knitting needles. The elastics still in place on the ends of the DPNs... making mittens I expect.
Remembrance day is the time to remember the brave young men & women who fought to keep the future generations free. Some made the ultimate sacrifice and others refrain from talking about their time in war torn areas of the world. In any case, I say Thank You from the bottom of my heart. My cousin Charlie Weir was part of the Canadian army who liberated Holland. He doesn't talk about it much but such a young man he was at the time. Here's a picture of him talking with school children at a service in London Ontario.

He's a real character, still very active in his late 80's...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Knitters Connect...

Awhile ago I was asked if I would like to write a few articles for Curious the Tourist Guide..I said sure, that would be such fun... My first article appeared in the November issue... on page 12. This tourist guide is picked up by day trippers everywhere. The guide takes from corner to corner of the GTA and around Southern Ontario... The center fold is a handy map to keep tucked in the glove box for further needs. You will find the most interesting stories, jokes, recipes and of course wonderful shops to visit. The paper also dedicates a full page to B&B locations. You can follow the butter tart trail too- now that's fun!!

Knitters Connect

For years knitting circles, guilds, wool festivals and events were knitter’s places to meet. With today’s modern technologies, knitters connect 24/7 globally with each other.

Surfing the websites like Ravelry have become part of our daily connections with like minded stitchers.

We knit on the subway, bus, train, gather at coffee shops and LYS to share our stories & expertise.

We can Knit Cruise, Knit Retreat, Knit A Long and join a Sit n Knit club with others who have a passion for knitting.

The face of knitting is changed forever as we develop new ways to connect with other kindred spirits. How many knitting blogs do you read in a day? (Wise Hilda, Yarn Harlot, cosmicplutoknits)

Connect with us again as we share new designs, techniques and stories. What’s on your needles?

Karen – Grey Heron Wool Shop Collingwood

Now, what's my next topic? You'll have to wait for the December issue...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

and then came Saturday...

Knit Fest 2011- was so much fun... Set up was early for a 9am start... Jim was in the kitchen preparing lunch for 22 crazy knitters... tough job.. he managed - nicely -the food was delish!!

Brenda made a tasty breakie- muffins, fruit and coffee.. The Ravenna hall had the perfect set up for the day... ring side kitchen counters, lots of table room and excited knitters...

We had girls from Barrie, Meaford, Collingwood and area... and Deb from Orillia... what a day... the top down baby cardie was well under way as Deb enlighted us to the differences between YO, M1left, M1right, M1 small (her choice).. your choice to make but now that you know how each one looks, you choose the outcome.. off they went again... they continued along with their workbooks... studying the next choices... it wasn't long before lunch was served... it was a good time for a seventh inning stretch... a few girls slipped over to the Ravenna General store for a pie or two.. and on our way again... this time we add patterns... wow!!... choice again... 4st, 6st, 7st patterns.. Deb full of ideas on placement, math hints and samples to drool over... again choices to make... since this class was releasing your inner designer- the choices were tough... but did they have fun!! not only with colour but pattern, cardie sizes- so much to learn... quick tips along the way and before we know it- the show was over... we were tired but revived up... the sun was bright all day blasting through the windows... and the view of Beaver Valley was stunning... a BIG thanks to Brenda for all her help- Jim for the marvelous chef duties- and to Deb for sharing her design talents with all of us.... we are better knitters today... now what about Knit Fest 2012??... in the making

What a week!!

Last week was filled with fun... On Wednesday morning Brenda, Deb Gemmell and myself were introducing the local Rogers morning show hosts to the world of knitting. The table was full of ideas that would fill the one hour show with chat.
From there, Deb came back to the shop to sit in with the afternoon class. We had our regular group of gals along with three new knitters. Deb was most kind to help Mary rekindle her knitting talents. Here's Carol with a little show and tell. She edged her shawl with a touch of ruffle... well done... Deb & Brenda deep in thought...
a little Halloween treat... Carol's weekly basket of fruit n veg goodies...
All n all, it was a great class- thanks to Deb for dropping by...